Drone with robotic arms will make a flying Robo. This can be used in every application that robo can do. In addition it can do the jobs which need high altitude.

Following are few applications of multicopter (possibly with Robotic arms):

Photography/Videography Edit

  • Wedding Photography / Videography
  • Documentaries (like NGC ...)

Delivery Edit

  • Drones can be used for delivery of Pizza/Medicines/Couriers...

Military Edit

  • Unmanned border surveillance
  • Unmanned arm deployment

Police Edit

  • unmanned policing

Traffic Edit

  • Traffic Monitoring/Clearance
  • Traffic hazard quick support

Fire Edit

  • Firefighting : To carry water jet pipe to higher altitudes (for fire in multi storied buildings such as burj khalifa)
  • Wildfire suppression : Carry water/chemicals for wildfire suppression (currently being done by helicopters)
  • Early detection of wildfire

Rescue Edit

  • To rescue people during natural calamities / disasters

Transport Edit

  • This can carry people and can become a potential transport vehicle.

Public works (Utility) Edit

  • Street Light repair: Drone with Robotic arm with AR can be used to repair street lights by a person on ground or from control room.
  • Tree branch cutting: To cut the branches which interfere with street overhead electric lines
  • Overhead Electric line maintenance: In laying/maintaining overhead electric lines (low/high tension electric lines)

Wall/Glass Painting/Cleaning Edit

  • To clean/paint outside walls/glass of large buildings
  • paint inside walls

Farming Edit

  • Avoid Tree Climbing: Drone with Robotic cutter can be used for cutting Nuts/Fruits/Flowers at high altitude (eg: Coconuts, fruits like mangoes/goa...)
  • Runaway unwanted birds

Home Assistant Edit

  • Personal assistant : to old aged in helping with water, medicines ...
  • Vacuum cleaning, Mopping