Due to shortage of mobile phone numbers, operators are reissuing the discontinued numbers to the new customers.

This is a potential security issue. Banks & other organizations (where mobile number is not updated) will continue to send updates to the old number which is now owned by a new user.

When a Mobile number is assigned to a customer, Mobile operators shall inform the user what is his user count for this mobile number.

For example: user X is 5th owner of mobile# 9123456789. User need to be informed about 5. he should be registering this user number along with mobile# for any SMS notification registration. MMMMMMMMMM-U (where M stands for a digit in mobile#; U stands for user count for the mobile number)

Organization who send SMS notifications shall use this "5" along with mobile number.

Mobile operators shall discard all incoming SMSs delivery requests if the ownership# number does not match with the running ownership#

and NACK the sender. (and possibly send the new mobile number of the user ofcourse along with its corresponding user count)

i.e if user X, who is 5th owner of a mobile number discontinued the mobile# and it is reissued to new user who is 6th owner.

All notifications the notifications that should be delivered shall be discarded by mobile operator as the owner number is not matching with running ownership#