WiFi Audio, a audio streaming standard over WiFi is a proposal and does not exist today.

WiFi Audio source can be a smart phone, tablet, laptop, TV, WiFi Mic.

WiFi Audio sync can be Speakers (including home theatres, headphones), TV, Laptop, smart phone

Assume Audio sources are complex devices (Smart phones, laptops, MP3 players. exception: mic). and Audio sync are simple devices (speakers)

A device can be capable of both WiFi Audio source and WiFi Audio sync. example: A TV can be a Audio source to stream audio to a Home theater. A TV can be a Audio sync to play audio from a smart phone.

This shall support multi Channel, Multi quality audio (such as Mono,Stereo, 2.1, 5.1, Dolby Digital, Dolby 3D, HD Audio)

This standard shall support streaming audio (music playback), interactive audio (voice conversation, similar to bluetooth headSet/HandsFree )

This shall work with or without WiFi access Point (AP).

With out AP can be with WiFi Direct.

WiFi Audio WiFi Direct

With AP:

WiFi Audio source shall be able to stream audio to WiFi Audio sync.

WiFi Audio WiFi AP

This shall not need Internet connectivity.

More than one Audio source can be connected to the same AP.

WiFi Audio Multiple WiFi Audio Sources

All audio sources shall find this Audio sync seamlessly.

When a new source tries to stream audio to WiFi sync, it should have an option to select "switch to new source" or "Mix the new source".

For the "Mix the new source", more than one WiFi Audio source can stream audio to WiFi Audio sync. wifi sync plays all streams simultaneously. This have applications like Karaoke singing etc...

WiFi Audio Mixing multiple audio streams

Multiple audio syncs are possible under same WiFi AP.

When a Audio source tries to play audio, it should find all syncs to choose from.

WiFi Audio Multiple Audio Sync

Multiple audio paths under same WiFi AP shall be possible

WiFi Audio Multle Audio paths